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Our Mission

We empower people to achieve their highest potential at work and at home.

This not just about improving performance. It’s about clearly understanding how your thoughts impact the way you interrelate with the world.

When you shift your thinking that propels your success, and gain greater confidence, you’re calmer and in control. Your relationships exponentially improve. Your life gets better. Because you have better and stronger thinking.

That’s the world PX12 System is creating.

Our Belief

Brain science shows that if we want to improve our thinking, we can!

High performance coaches have long used science-based techniques to help elite athletes, military leaders, and C-Suite executives gain focus, resilience, and agility. They know that success is as much about our cognitive condition as it is about hard work, competence, and practice. But up until now, the cost and time required was just too high for most people and organizations.

By using affordable, on demand technology, now everyone can have a high-performance advantage.

Our Difference - Your Advantage

Business Intelligence Platform for Performance Acceleration

Sustainably Replicate the top 10% of Profitable Performance of Your Organization

  • Proven Data Driven Approach: Measure -Bench-Hire-Develop & Performance Audit - All Talent Performance
  • Sustainably replicate the top 10% productivity of talent - delivers rapid revenue generating thinking and results.
  • Sustainable Productivity Improvement – Providing Greater Revenues
Business Intelligence Performance Acceleration technology
  • Solves the Business Process improvement for Hiring, Developing talent in weeks.
  • Provides enterprise Talent Performance Audit – identifying immediate hot spots (objective data)
  • Deploying proven online solutions rapidly building a High-Performance Culture.
It’s like a Big 4 consultant team in a Box
  • Hire to the top 10% performance level.
  • Hire talent for any position with a 90% success rate.
  • Replicating the same performance thinking levels of current to performing talent.
  • Provides scalable talent development from management to employees.
  • Provides clinically proven solutions increasing performance 10% to 30% in weeks.

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