Build top-performing teams that easily collaborate, innovate, and attract success.

What All Employees thinking impact how the overall team performs.

Remote workforce creates new challenges when it comes to managing and motivating teams and building supportive high-performance cultures. We look at performance, skills development, and retention differently now.

How can you be sure you’re making the best hiring decisions to meet your organizational high-performance goals?

PX System gives you a view of your current and future employees’ thinking patterns that matches your current top performing talent.

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Hire Top Talent-90%+ Success Rate

PX12 System HIRE

Traditionally, recruiters have tried to predict job success from a candidate’s experience, intelligence, or personality. However, a new hire’s performance will be directly related to how they think – especially when they are stressed.

PX 12 Performance Hire quickly identifies candidates that think just like your top performers. Using a patented process, PX Hire creates a Top Performer Template (TPT) that provides performance thinking accuracy that is Validated and unbiased, EEOC-compliant analysis of a candidate’s performance fit. Recruiters can quickly sift through non-performing talent and select only top performing potential candidate – those that are sure to succeed – like your current top performing talent.

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Online One on One Scalable Development

Develop Leaders with proven high performance rapid learning tools that work.

  • Saves time and cost efficient
  • Provides leaders with stronger skill quickly
  • Proven with thousands of people over 30 years
  • Increases performance and productivity 10% to 30% in weeks
  • Gets all your leaders on the same page
  • Learn how to motivate your team and provide accountability

Coaching Solutions for Challenged Talent

  • Provides immediate solutions to needed people/performance skills
  • Provides a positive proactive rapid learning tools and skills
  • Provides accountability and documentation for positive change
  • Teaches talent how to create more productive, thinking patterns that work.
  • Fun, easy to learn skills – with positive change in weeks

"Sales have experienced double-digit growth (well above industry trend rates) and EBITDA is up over 85% year-on-year... retention rates have more than doubled."


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