86% of Coached Employees Improved in only Six Weeks!


As an HR Tech company, talent development is a core value. The client was understandably frustrated with the sub-par performance of many employees. PX12 System established the desired performance criteria and when the target group was measured, a full 84% of the group fell below performance standards.

HR Tech leaders use PX12 System


The PX12 Performance Profile profile was given to 134 employees, followed by a 6-week (on average) PX12 System Activate coaching program to improve performance thinking. On completion, results were re-assessed, and 115 of the group (86%) demonstrated improvement in performance capacity measurements. Additionally, 38 employees who had been rated as “below average” moved in average, strong, or optimal performance ranges.


Many companies struggle to quantify performance improvement. It is often subjective, left to various managers or addressed only once a year at an annual review. The power of PX12 System Advance is that it is accurate, objective and measurable. It results in a specific performance improvement plan that is linked to personal growth and financial goals, and not punitive measures. PX12 System is positively received by leadership and employees alike!

Metrics - Performance evaluation put employees into five ranges – ­poor, weak, average, strong and optimal.

Benchmark - Employee received coaching to support develop­ment against drivers as identified.

Results - 86% of employees made measurable improvement in performance capacity in only 6 weeks, positively impacting corpo­rate results and culture.

"The PX12 Performance Profile diagnostic allows us to identify individuals who have the self-motivational drivers to succeed in our markets, so we could ‘zero in’ on high potential candidates, optimizing our resources. The cost of the tool was nominal, while the returns were substantial. In our hiring, the PX12 System has been the most valuable tool I’ve used."


Assistant Vice President