$50,000 ROI in Four Weeks from a More Confident Buyer


Among the key attributes necessary to the success of a buyer, is the ability to negotiate and manage vendors. However, the performance of this buyer was down, and it was clear that her risk aversion, and need to be liked by her vendors was hurting her ability to do her job with success.


After administering the PX12 Performance Profile diagnostic, it was confirmed that this individual would benefit from coaching and development with specific drivers (including a high self-consciousness and need for reassurance; and low confidence). After only two weeks of PX12 System Activate coaching, this organization began to see the benefits. After one month, the ROI was more than $50,000 to the bottom line in renegotiated contracts and savings.


PX12 System is a program that includes targeted performance coaching designed to develop individual employees based on the results of their diagnostic profile and the specific performance metrics provided by their manager. By identifying which underlying “drivers” are negatively impacting their day to day behaviors, communication and responses at work, the employee can be coached in a targeted, not general way. The difference between the PX12 System program and other types of training is the speed at which employees improve – weeks NOT months or years as is typical with other programs.

Metrics - Current purchases and vendor contracts.

Benchmark - Performance before PX12 Performance Profile and PX12 System Activate profile and coaching, and four weeks later.

Results - $50,000 in contact savings to the bottom line after four weeks of coaching.

"We chose PX12 System because they told us their programs have proven bottom line impact. They have proven true to their word. Two of our team members brought $70,000 to the bottom line in the first few weeks of the programs. This is a win-win opportunity. The company receives more productive, bottom line focused employees, and employees receive a more insightful and satisfying life overall."

Director of HR

Supply Chain Development