Accurately predict the success of new sales candidates – up to 300% of goal!


Success in the insurance industry is driven by the performance of its sales team. The Standard Insurance Company was experiencing lagging sales and had recruited a new class of sales people with the hope of infusing energy and revenue into the company. But how would the new class perform?


Sales of $2 Million over target along with recruitment/training savings deliver an ROI of 400:1. Human Resources worked with PX12 System to create a “Top Performer Template” based on the PX12 Performance Profile diagnostic results of the companies top sales execs. They then also used these results to measure the incoming group of sales professionals and tracked their performance over a one-year period.


Can you trust a predictive model for hiring and results? Yes! If that model is PX12 System Hire. By hiring, to a PX12 System top performer template you make candidate evaluation fast, easy and more effective. Results are measured based on established financial targets documenting how HR can build the bottom line!

Metrics - Measured by sales performance against annual goal of $345,000. Organization also tracked costs for recruitment and training.

Benchmark - Existing top performers were measured using PX12 Performance Profile to create a top performer template. New sales hires were measured against the template.

Results - Sales staff that were predicted to be “Top Performers” by the diagnostic generated sales at 150-300% of target. Similarly, those predicted to be “Low Performers” performed below target and two left the company before the end of the 1-year reporting period.

"Drove an additional $2 million to the bottom line in 12 months. We are now able to "zero in" on top performers, while steering away from candidates that are less likely to succeed."


Assistant Vice President, Standard Insurance Company